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After-sale service

Adhering to the concept of "business begins with service", Dalian Aode provides customers with pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services, and wholeheartedly provides complete products, services and personalized solutions. All sales service companies have passed ISO9001 quality system certification. Dalian Aode has a set of systematic and scientific air conditioning solutions, and is one of the domestic air conditioning solution providers.

Dalian Aode service mission

Dalian Aode service aims to win the confidence of customers and develop repeated business, so as to achieve comprehensive attention to customers. Therefore, Dalian Aode service is committed to:

※ system solution

※ quick response capability

※ short time shutdown

Pre sale and in sale services

Dalian Aode provides consultation and system solutions to customers before and during sales

after-sale service

Dalian Aode can provide customers with system installation services according to different customer needs. At the same time, it can provide flexible and diverse maintenance agreements, and customize appropriate maintenance schemes for you according to special needs.

※ maintenance agreement during maintenance period

※ maintenance agreement beyond maintenance period

service content 

Project demonstration and system integration

The water temperature and water quality of the project can be analyzed and tested according to the requirements of customers, and suitable ground and water source heat pump units can be customized for customers, so as to ensure the energy saving of the customer's overall project and the reliable and efficient operation of the units, and prolong the service life of the units.

Unit monitoring

The unit can be remotely monitored according to customer requirements.

System energy consumption analysis and energy saving

We can provide air conditioning system optimization scheme according to customer requirements to achieve energy saving and consumption reduction.

Training services

Dalian Aode training center is equipped with training facilities for functional young people and organizes various trainings and seminars for service engineers and customers all year round to improve service standards.

Parts center

Dalian Aode parts center and its branches provide customers with high-quality, timely supply of spare parts and parts replacement business.