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Development history

◆ in 1995, it took the lead in the field of water ground source heat pump air conditioning in China, and set up a heat pump technology research center in Dalian to research and develop domestic semi closed screw high-power heat pump units and high-power heat pump units dedicated to urban sewage (SEA) water sources.

◆ in 1996, we conducted technical discussion and strategic cooperation in product research and development with German GEA (heat exchanger) company.

◆ in 1997, we conducted technical exchanges with the French environment and Energy Association and reached a cooperation agreement on the CDM (carbon dioxide) project of large sewage seawater source heat pump supply.

◆ in 2000, the urban sewage central heating and cooling device developed and designed by Aode won the national patent in this field.

◆ in 2001, the Ministry of construction and the Residential Environment Engineering Center awarded the "new technology and new product promotion and application project".

◆ in 2002, it reached a cooperation agreement with the Austrian environment and Energy Commission on energy-saving technologies in the field of renewable energy.

◆ in 2003, Dalian Aode air conditioning manufacturing engineering Co., Ltd. was registered to provide customers with green building energy-saving air conditioning system solutions according to local conditions, and obtained the second-class qualification for electromechanical equipment installation engineering contracting.

◆ complete the construction of new production base in 2004; It was recognized as an excellent brand in the Chinese market.

◆ 2005 "technical specification for sewage source heat pump system" editing and reviewing unit.

◆ in 2007, Dalian Aode air conditioning and heat pump products have completed more than 400 water source, ground source, sewage source and sea water source heat pump system demonstration projects in 18 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, with a total use area of more than 800 square meters (including a number of national projects and renewable energy funding projects).

◆ in 2009, Aode people have a high sense of responsibility and mission for the society and the future living environment of mankind and have made contributions to social environmental protection in the past 15 years. It has been recognized as one of the top ten brand enterprises of China Real Estate Association, China Municipal Engineering Association, China Architectural Design and Research Institute and China building energy conservation and emission reduction (renewable energy and green construction), Mr. yuyonghui, leader of Aode, was awarded one of the top ten outstanding contributors (innovative technologies) to China's building energy conservation and emission reduction in 2009. So far, Mr. Yu Yonghui has been reappointed to the fifth Dalian Municipal People's Congress.

◆ the group company was established in 2010, mainly promoting four series of products: water ground source heat pump unit, water-cooled chiller, modular cold (hot) water unit and air source heat pump unit.