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  • During the production process, due to the continuous generation of heat from machinery, molds, and industrial reactions, product quality is unstable when the temperature exceeds the tolerance of the material. For example, in the production of plastic products and electroplating, the cooling time accounts for more than 80% of the entire cycle, and the importance of reducing the cooling time can be seen from this.
  • At present, low efficiency often occurs in the use of industrial water chiller equipment. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. Only by comprehensively understanding this problem can we find corresponding solutions to improve the efficiency of industrial electric equipment.
  • Poor oil return of screw chillers is a headache. Generally speaking, the main reason for poor oil return of screw chillers is the mixture of lubricating oil and refrigerant during operation.
    The refrigerant and refrigerator lubricating oil are mutually dissolved during the operation of the refrigeration system, resulting in the lubricating oil and refrigerant in the refrigeration compressor being discharged into the condenser in the form of mist and micro-drop gas. Poor effect of the oil separator or improper design of the system will lead to poor effect of the separator and poor oil return of the system.
  • Water cooled screw chiller is also a kind of water chiller. Since its main components use screw compressor, its name can be called water cooled screw chiller. Its chilled water temperature range is 3 ℃~20 ℃.
  • When using the screw chiller, the refrigeration equipment operator should make some preparations before starting the chiller, so as to prevent the chiller fault alarm caused by the cutter licking blood under abnormal conditions.
  • Refrigeration units are used in many industries, such as semi enclosed refrigeration compressors, which are now used by many manufacturers. The problems and requirements of refrigeration