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What is the use of screw chillers in industrial production?

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During the production process, due to the continuous generation of heat from machinery, molds, and industrial reactions, product quality is unstable when the temperature exceeds the tolerance of the material. For example, in the production of plastic products and electroplating, the cooling time accounts for more than 80% of the entire cycle, and the importance of reducing the cooling time can be seen from this.

Chilled water can absorb heat in a timely manner, rapidly reducing the mold cavity temperature, accelerating product molding, and shortening the opening surface. In electroplating production, chilled water can reduce the temperature of the electroplating solution and keep the temperature constant within a certain range, allowing metal molecules to quickly attach to the surface of the plating piece with a stable current, making the product smooth and dense.
Where are screw chillers used?
Generally speaking, it is suitable for factories with various plastic molding equipment. It is also suitable for mechanical equipment, such as machine tools, that require cooling of the machine temperature. It is also suitable for cold drying machines, bleaching and dyeing industries, electroplating industry, food industry, sauna and other places requiring cooling water temperature, jewelry processing and other industries. Screw chillers (temperature range:+20 ℃ to - 25 ℃ adjustable) are widely used in various industrial production.